Most Recent Benchmark WOD was Snatch Max on Feb 14,2018 (10 days ago)

Saturday Feb 6,2016

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Max day

This workout will be 3 scores; with a continuous running clock
     Every two minutes add 10 lbs to your bar.
          Women start with 35 lb bar
          Men start with 45 lb bar  

Every 2 minutes 1x Snatch until failure then

Every 2 minutes 1x Clean until failure then

Every 2 minutes 1x Deadlift until failure

100% 0%
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Jeff A445 Rx 105/115/225
Patty215 Rx 55/55/105
Lucas835 Rx 185/255/395
Risa215 Rx 55/55/105
Mike S735 Rx 155/225/355
Josh Fl715 Rx 145/215/355
Andrew E725 Rx 145/195/385
Steve635 Rx 135/175/325
Kayla405 Rx 75/115/215
Maridee340 Rx 65/85/190
Results Posted: 10