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Friday Aug 26,2016

Happy Birthday RaeDel
Team of two: Cluster and front squats1 mile run with MBCardio: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDE

Cluster and front squats

Team of two: Reps
Front Squats 6 sets of 3 reps (75% of your heaviest squat)


Partner WOD
7 Minute AMRAP:
Clusters (95/65)

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Jeff A39  35 lbs
Patty39  35 lbs
Connor47  65 lbs
Jimmy66 Rx
Baylee44  65
Tyler w65 Rx
Austin69  Scaled
Nikki Mc47 Rx
Risa44  65
David S66 Rx
Mike S65 Rx
Brendan66 Rx 135
Adrianna51  35
CJ51 Rx
Josh B46 Rx
Tanya51  35
Carlos46 Rx
Rachel69 Rx
Jennifer S38  Scaled
Nikki H36 Rx
Kellie36 Rx
Lucas66 Rx 135
Kayla51 Rx
Scott S38  Scaled
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