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Thursday Oct 20,2016

Anarchy in the ok event 8 and 9Cardio: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDEOther Posted Results

Anarchy in the ok event 8 and 9

8) Row/Snatch (Five Minute Time Cap)
Three Rounds for Time
Row 250M (men) / 200M (women)
8 Power Snatch (115/75)

9) Wallball/Toes to Bar  (Five Minute Time Cap)
Three Rounds for Time
15 Wallballs (20/14)
10 Toes to Bar

Athlete 1 begins on event 8. Athlete 2 begins on event 9. At the five minute time cap, athletes will switch places. Athlete 1 will complete event 9 and athlete 2 will complete event 8. Score for event 8 with be both athlete times on event 8 combined. Score for event 9 will be both athlete times on event 9 combined. If athlete finishes before the time cap, they may rest. If not, they will stop and move directly into the next event

100% 0%
1st19:33 Kayla Thu,Oct 20,2016
2nd16:22Adrianna Thu,Oct 20,2016
Patty Thu,Oct 20,2016
3rd16:44Robin Thu,Oct 20,2016
1st16:31 Lucas Thu,Oct 20,2016
2nd17:13 Kris Thu,Oct 20,2016
3rd19:05 Jimmy Thu,Oct 20,2016

Nikki Mc18:54 Rx
Ashley s16:44  Scaled
Sarah M17:31  Scaled
RaeDel17:31  Scaled
Baylee20:12  55
Jeff A20:12  55
Tyler w18:54  Scaled
Robin16:44  Scaled
Brandi w16:44  Scaled
Patty16:22  Not Rx
Adrianna16:22  Not Rx
Dayton16:31 Rx
Stephanie m19:33 Rx
Lucas16:31 Rx
Kayla19:33 Rx
Gavin18:46  Not Rx
Kris17:13 Rx
Stephanie L17:12  Not Rx
Clarence18:46  Not Rx
Todd19:05 Rx
Jimmy19:05 Rx
Rachel20:22 Rx
Austin20:22  Not Rx
Tori16:48  Not Rx
Jennifer S16:48  Not Rx
Renata16:48  Not Rx
CJ21:03  Not Rx
Kellie21:03  Not Rx
Nikki H19:06  Not Rx
Jackie19:06  Not Rx
Results Posted: 30