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Tuesday Oct 25,2016

Annie wall balls and runningCardio: 1 MILE RUN OUTSIDEMURPH

Annie wall balls and running

Midline Prep:
– Strict T2B
– Strict Sit-ups

RX+ flys solo
Rx is with a partner
Scaled is with a partner

For time:
Double Under

Rest 3 Minutes

For Time:
10-20-30-40-50 Wall Ball @ 20/14
Run 200m

For Time:
60-50-40-30-20 Single Unders
40-30-20-10-5 Sit-ups

Rest 3 Minutes

For Time:
10-15-20-25-30 Wall Ball
Run 200m

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1st17:59 Kayla Tue,Oct 25,2016
2nd27:27 Kellie Tue,Oct 25,2016
3rd16:51Sarah M Tue,Oct 25,2016
RaeDel Tue,Oct 25,2016
1st25:46 +Kris Tue,Oct 25,2016
2nd17:59 Lucas Tue,Oct 25,2016
3rd20:23 Jimmy Tue,Oct 25,2016

Jeff A15:59  Not Rx
Ashley s15:59  Not Rx
RaeDel16:51  Not Rx
Sarah M16:51  Not Rx
Risa27:53 Rx+
Lucas17:59 Rx
Tyler w14:48  Not Rx
Josh B14:48  Not Rx
Tracy20:48  Not Rx
Patty17:38  Not Rx
Kisha20:52  Not Rx
Adrianna20:52  Not Rx
Robin17:38  Not Rx
Tanya16:33  Not Rx
Carlos26:50 Rx
Tessa20:23 Rx
Kayla17:59 Rx
Clarence16:33  Not Rx
Gavin26:50 Rx
Jimmy20:23 Rx
Nikki Mc24:30 Rx
Aaron24:30 Rx
Kellie27:27 Rx
Stephanie m27:27 Rx
Kris25:46 Rx+
CJ19:28  Not Rx
Nikki H19:28  Not Rx
Tori19:50  Not Rx
Jackie19:50  Not Rx
Jennifer S17:04  Not Rx
Austin16:22  Not Rx
Todd19:33 Rx
Rachel19:33 Rx
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