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Wednesday Feb 1,2017

Gymnastics ConditioningMax: Snatch Max

Gymnastics Conditioning

----20 min AMRAP

----7 HSPU
----9 Knees to Elbows
----21 male 15 female Unbroken* Double Unders

*If you are doing this RX, this means when you trip up, you must start over and complete 21 double unders in a row before moving on.

0% 0%
1st160 Kayla Wed,Feb 1,2017
2nd598Nikki H Wed,Feb 1,2017
3rd588CJ Wed,Feb 1,2017
1st374 Lucas Wed,Feb 1,2017
2nd372 Jimmy Wed,Feb 1,2017
3rd464James Cad Wed,Feb 1,2017

Sarah M368  Not Rx
RaeDel368  Not Rx
Brandi w368  Not Rx
Damon392  Not Rx
Tyler w287  Not Rx
Sarah B474  Not Rx
Michael T287  Not Rx
Kathy421  Not Rx
Sheila186  Not Rx
Risa103  2 pads
Lisa Pa414  Not Rx
Patty384  Not Rx
Chris P336  Not Rx
Laura N520  Not Rx
Adrianna338  Not Rx
Robin285  Not Rx
Desirae404  3 pass, SU, KR
Stephanie m331  2 pads
JoLynne140  2 pads
Lucas374 Rx
Tate98  Not Rx
Kellie332  Not Rx
Nikki H598  Not Rx
CJ588  Not Rx
Julie W375  Not Rx
Dayton287  Singles
Kayla160 Rx
James Cad464  Not Rx
Kris333  Not Rx
Joan384  Not Rx
Renata467  Not Rx
Mallory414  Not Rx
Dave368  Not Rx
Jimmy372 Rx Not Rx
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