Most Recent Benchmark WOD was Snatch Max on Feb 14,2018 (10 days ago)

Sunday May 14,2017

Max dayMax: Snatch MaxMax: Power Clean MaxMax: Deadlift Max

Max day

This workout will be 3 scores; with a continuous running clock
     Every two minutes add 10 lbs to your bar.
          Women start with 35 lb bar
          Men start with 45 lb bar  

Every 2 minutes 1x Snatch until failure then

Every 2 minutes 1x Clean until failure then

Every 2 minutes 1x Deadlift until failure

100% 0%
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Lucas825 Rx 175/245/405
Jeff A510 Rx 95/150/265
Patty275 Rx 55/75/145
Kisha445 Rx 75/115/255
Robin405 Rx 75/95/235
Kayla475 Rx 75/125/275
Talya385 Rx 75/95/215
Laura N385 Rx 75/95/215
Sarah B275 Rx 35/75/165
Jimmy805 Rx 155/225/425
Nikolas595 Rx 135/165/295
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