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Thursday Jun 22,2017

Welcome Brian t

1 1/4 squats and WOD

----1 ¼ Front Squats 5×3, increasing

----3 minute AMRAP:
----7 Calorie Row
----7 Burpees Over Rower

----Rest 3 Minutes

----3 minute AMRAP:
----7 Med Ball Clean (20/14)
----Sprint around building  

----Rest 3 Minutes

----3 minute AMRAP:
----7 Calorie Row
----7 Burpees Over the Rower

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1st142 Kayla Thu,Jun 22,2017
2nd139 Lindsey Thu,Jun 22,2017
3rd128 Pebbles Thu,Jun 22,2017
1st162 Jimmy Thu,Jun 22,2017
2nd156 Kris Thu,Jun 22,2017
3rd135 Jeff A Thu,Jun 22,2017

Jeff A135 Rx
Pebbles128 Rx
Travis J133 Rx
Lauren R110 Rx
Kayla142 Rx
Michael T131 Rx
Julie W104 Rx
Kathy91 Rx
Christian102 Rx
Daniele104 Rx
Kasey79 Rx
Laura N108 Rx
Tate95 Rx
Sheila91 Rx
Lucas108 Rx
Adrianna96 Rx
Lindsey139 Rx
JoLynne107 Rx
John86 Rx
James Cad90 Rx
Kris156 Rx
Matthew121 Rx
Robin110 Rx
Tiffanye94 Rx
Jennifer S88 Rx
David S128 Rx
Jimmy162 Rx
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