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Monday Jul 24,2017

Happy Birthday Adrianna
Team of two: 'Clogged Tailpipe”ADs 28th birthday WODOther Posted Results

'Clogged Tailpipe”

Team of two: Time
-----Deadlift 4×8, increasing

----Partner WOD
----21-15-9 reps for time of:
----Thrusters (95/65)

----“Resting“ Partner will hold two kettlebells (50/35) in the front rack position. Partner 1 must complete all of the 21 thrusters while partner 2 holds the kettlebells – then they switch. Partner 2 will complete 21 thrusters, while Partner 1 holds the kettlebells. Repeat for sets of 15 reps and 9 reps.

100% 0%
1st7:09 Kayla Mon,Jul 24,2017
2nd9:01 Desirae Mon,Jul 24,2017
3rd10:28 Lauren R Mon,Jul 24,2017
Pebbles Mon,Jul 24,2017
1st6:10 Nikolas Mon,Jul 24,2017
Lucas Mon,Jul 24,2017
2nd7:26 Jeff A Mon,Jul 24,2017
3rd8:43 Michael T Mon,Jul 24,2017

Travis J7:26 Rx
RaeDel11:20  Not Rx
Pebbles10:28 Rx
Jeff A7:26 Rx
Lauren R10:28 Rx
Sarah M11:20 Rx
Kathy8:08  Not Rx
Michael T8:43 Rx
Risa8:08 Rx
Chris He8:43 Rx
Brian t8:18  Not Rx
Kasey8:08  Not Rx
Michael N8:18  Not Rx
Patty10:23  Not Rx
Nikolas6:10 Rx
Lucas6:10 Rx
John12:13 Rx
Desirae9:01 Rx
Nikki H15:19 Rx
Kellie15:19 Rx
James Cad12:13 Rx
Lisa Pe12:13 Rx
Jennifer S11:44  Not Rx
David S10:16 Rx
Robin11:44  Not Rx
Zander7:09  Not Rx
Kayla7:09 Rx
Ernesto10:16 Rx
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