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Tuesday Dec 26,2017

Happy Birthday Brendan
'She Bear' complexRow and sit-upsCardio: 2 k rowOther Posted Results

'She Bear' complex

---Bar Muscle Up work

---“She Bear” Complex
---Work up to a max complex of:
---1 Power Snatch
---1 Overhead Squat
---1 Snatch
---1 Overhead Squat
---1 Snatch Balance
---1 Overhead Squat

---check out the link below to watch kara Webb do the complex


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1st100 Desirae Tue,Dec 26,2017
2nd90 Kayla Tue,Dec 26,2017
3rd85 Joan Tue,Dec 26,2017
Lindsey Tue,Dec 26,2017
1st195 Kyle Z Tue,Dec 26,2017
2nd155 Steven I Tue,Dec 26,2017
3rd145 Damon Tue,Dec 26,2017

Eileen50 Rx
Jeff A85 Rx
Kathy25 Rx
Kyle Z195 Rx
Michael T105 Rx
Lindsey85 Rx
Blake W115 Rx
Ernesto105 Rx
Kayla90 Rx
Sean115 Rx
Laura N55 Rx
Brandi F75 Rx
Damon145 Rx
Stephanie C65 Rx
Scott w115 Rx
Sydney75 Rx
Desirae100 Rx
Steven I155 Rx
Lynse65 Rx
Shawna70 Rx
Toni50 Rx
Linda50 Rx
John95 Rx
Jennifer S50 Rx
David S135 Rx
Nikki H65 Rx
Jennifer C55 Rx
Chrystal45 Rx
Juan115 Rx
Joan85 Rx
Cade75 Rx
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John 9:16am
Focusing on going into 2018 strong and making in a healthy productive year!

Jennifer S 12:56pm