Most Recent Benchmark WOD was Snatch Max on Feb 14,2018 (10 days ago)

Wednesday Feb 14,2018

Snatch work 30min EMOMMax: Snatch MaxOther Posted Results

Snatch work 30min EMOM

Olympic Weightlifting
30 minute EMOM:
1 Snatch, increasing

Note: Start with a Power Snatch and gradually add weight. Progress to a full (squat) Snatch and continue to add weight as technique allows.

100% 0%
1st105 Lauren R Wed,Feb 14,2018
2nd100 Kayla Wed,Feb 14,2018
3rd85 JoLynne Wed,Feb 14,2018
Kasey Wed,Feb 14,2018
Kisha Wed,Feb 14,2018
Joan Wed,Feb 14,2018
1st195 Lucas Wed,Feb 14,2018
2nd165 Kris Wed,Feb 14,2018
3rd160 Andrew B Wed,Feb 14,2018

Lauren R105 Rx PR
RaeDel50 Rx
Eileen65 Rx
Damon135 Rx PR
Kayla100 Rx
Toni50 Rx
Michael T120 Rx
Kathy75 Rx
Maricela50 Rx
Pedro85 Rx
Brent95 Rx
Sheila55 Rx
Patty65 Rx
Blake W155 Rx PR
Brian t140 Rx
Andrew B160 Rx
Jeannie30 Rx
Tate95 Rx
Laura N70 Rx
Kisha85 Rx
June65 Rx
Robin80 Rx
Dawn65 Rx
Kasey85 Rx
Kris165 Rx
JoLynne85 Rx
James Cad110 Rx
John120 Rx
Joan85 Rx
Lucas195 Rx
Results Posted: 30
Patty 2:43pm
Holy cow this was fun
Robin 7:33pm
I agree, love lifting days!  It was a great day to run as well! Thanks a million Coach for encouraging me to run another lap!