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Monday Jan 29,2018

Welcome ray
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ME Craziness

--A1) 5 sets increasing wt 5 Back Squats
--A2) 5 sets 10 Wall Balls (20/14)

---3 rounds of 1 minute at each station:
---Rest 2 minutes after each round.

---Station 1: ME Back Squat (225/105)
---Station 2: ME Hand stand walk (Wall Walks)
---Station 3: ME Double Unders
---Station 4: ME DB Push Press (50/35)

0% 0%
1st321 Kayla Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd238 Nikki Mi Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd201 Kalynn Mon,Jan 29,2018
1st150 +Lucas Mon,Jan 29,2018
2nd135 +Zach Mon,Jan 29,2018
3rd125 +Andrew B Mon,Jan 29,2018

RaeDel315  Not Rx
Damon144 Rx
Brandi F109  Not Rx
Eileen145  Not Rx
Donald116 Rx
Toni270  Not Rx
Shawna334  Not Rx
Stephanie C314  Not Rx
Michael T148 Rx
Pedro120  Not Rx
Maricela226  Not Rx
Katelyn173 Rx
Jeannie135  Not Rx
Sheila238  Not Rx
Scott w167  Not Rx
Nikki H88  Not Rx
Tara153 Rx
Laura N112  95/Wall walks/DU/25
Brendan119 Rx+
Kisha198  Not Rx
Andrew B125 Rx+
Adrianna404  Not Rx
Chad140  Not Rx
Zach135 Rx+
Kari284  Not Rx
Linda149  Not Rx
Lucas150 Rx+
Lauren R133  Not Rx
Kris115 Rx+
Desirae143 Rx
CJ144  Not Rx
Brian s195 Rx
John270  Not Rx
Brian t174  Not Rx
Sydney113  Not Rx
James Cad242  Not Rx
Kayla321 Rx
Joan351  Not Rx
ray281  Not Rx
Patty320  Not Rx
Jeff A157 Rx
Alexander96 Rx+
Jennifer S300  Not Rx
Kellie170  Not Rx
Kalynn201 Rx
Stacie220  Not Rx
mike l174  Not Rx
Nikki Mi238 Rx
Sean290  Not Rx
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Jennifer S 7:41pm
Welcome Ray and Mike!!