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Wednesday Jan 31,2018

Happy Birthday Kasey
Welcome Wendy R
Johns spotlight workoutKaseys 30th

Johns spotlight workout

---5 rounds
---1 lap or 400m row
---6 burpee box jumps
---6 hang cleans (135/85)
---15 Air Squats
---15 Sit-ups
---1 Toe 2 Bar

0% 0%
1st19:21 Kayla Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd19:34 Nikki Mi Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd19:40 Katelyn Wed,Jan 31,2018
1st19:18 Brian s Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd22:07 Donald Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd24:17 John Wed,Jan 31,2018

RaeDel30:33  Not Rx
Eileen24:40 Rx
Sarah B30:43  Not Rx
Damon26:02 Rx
Donald22:07 Rx
Jeff St31:28  Not Rx
Patty22:44  S
Nikki Mi19:34 Rx
Michael T26:01 Rx
Lauren R26:01 Rx
Toni30:12  Not Rx
Shawna30:16  Not Rx
Jeannie18:45  Not Rx
John24:17 Rx
Laura N25:39  SU/65#/Kr
Brendan32:42 Rx Rx+
Kisha30:43  Not Rx
Adrianna29:27  Not Rx
Zach29:25 Rx Rx+
Chad26:15 Rx
Dawn22:04  Not Rx
TJ Z21:39  Not Rx
Chris P26:03 Rx
Lisa Pa28:57 Rx
Sydney23:45 Rx
Cheryl29:15  Not Rx
Kayla19:21 Rx Run
June29:17  Not Rx
Desirae30:13  Rx but capped
Kris34:35 Rx Rx+
Brian s19:18 Rx
Kalynn28:00 Rx
Shelby30:22  rx but capped
James Cad30:43  Not Rx
Tara20:16  Not Rx
Katelyn19:40 Rx
ray29:32  Not Rx
Wendy R29:46  Not Rx
Alexander44:10 Rx Rx+
Joan30:26  Not Rx
CJ29:41  Row/Step ups
Pebbles21:59  65
Sean30:42  Not Rx
Chrystal28:05  Not Rx
Stacie29:47  scaled
Lucas29:29 Rx plus
Kyle Z30:31  rx plus
Results Posted: 47
Robin 1:30pm
Happy Birthday Kasey!  hope you have a great day!!!
Brian t 4:33pm
Unfortunately she is sick for her birthday. Trying to make it the best though.

Robin 5:17pm
oh yuck!  get well soon!!!!