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Thursday Feb 1,2018

partner gangam style

Team of two: Reps-Rx+
--Turkish Get Up

---Partner WOD
---In teams of two, 18 minute AMRAP:
---12 American Kettlebell Swings (50/35)+=70/50
---100 ft Shuttle Sprint (25 ft length = 4 times)
---12 Burpees, jump to target overhead (AFAP)
---100 ft Shuttle Sprint

--One person working at a time. Switch after completing a full round.

100% 0%
1st350 Kayla Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd348 Katelyn Thu,Feb 1,2018
Tara Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd323 Eileen Thu,Feb 1,2018
1st384 +Kyle Z Thu,Feb 1,2018
Lucas Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd350 +Brendan Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd376 Andrew B Thu,Feb 1,2018
Zach Thu,Feb 1,2018

RaeDel241  Not Rx
Lauren R282 Rx
Brandi F241 Rx
Donald282 Rx
Jeff St241  Not Rx
Patty268  S
Toni212  Not Rx
Shawna212  Not Rx
Michael T348 Rx
Sheila230  Not Rx
Kathy230  Not Rx
Tara348 Rx
Katelyn348 Rx
Laura N323  Not Rx
Dawn268 Rx
Eileen323 Rx
Desirae276 Rx
TJ Z316 Rx
Tate276  Not Rx
Lisa Pa276 Rx
Chris P316 Rx
Tish268  Not Rx
Maricela276  Not Rx
Adrianna202 Rx
Kisha202 Rx
Scott w299 Rx
Cheryl226  Not Rx
Sydney299 Rx
Lucas384 Rx+
Kyle Z384 Rx+
June226  Not Rx
Brendan350 Rx+
John244  Not Rx
Steven B285 Rx
Zach376 Rx
Kayla350 Rx
James Cad244 Rx
Brian t285 Rx
Andrew B376 Rx
Stephanie L244  Not Rx
Jennifer S268  Not Rx
Scott S268  Not Rx
David S283 Rx
Kellie283 Rx
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