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Wednesday Feb 7,2018

Welcome LAUREN G
Cardio,Max: Benchmark Conditioning10 RM Front squatOther Posted Results

Benchmark Conditioning

Cardio,Max: Time
---Barbell Cycling
---In 3 attempts, find 10 RM Front Squat

---Open Prep: Skill Work
---Accumulate 20 HSPU, as challenging as possible.

---Benchmark Conditioning
---For time:
---500 m Row
---Stay strapped in the rower, rest 90 seconds
---500 m Row
---Stay strapped in the rower, rest 90 seconds
---500 m Row

0% 0%
1st8:53Nikki Mi Wed,Feb 7,2018
2nd8:55Jennifer C Wed,Feb 7,2018
3rd8:57Kayla Wed,Feb 7,2018
1st7:51Brendan Wed,Feb 7,2018
2nd7:59Lucas Wed,Feb 7,2018
3rd8:01Kyle Z Wed,Feb 7,2018

RaeDel10:31  40
Eileen9:40  90
Brandi F9:18  95
Donald8:39  175
Michael T8:25  155
Sheila10:30  55
Pedro9:25  85
Chris P8:34  Not Rx
Lisa Pa10:14  Not Rx
Brendan7:51  Not Rx
Tara9:15  Not Rx
Nikki Mi8:53  135 FS 10x
Maricela10:12  Not Rx
Kathy9:48  Not Rx
Andrew B8:31  Not Rx
Scott w8:39  Not Rx
TJ Z8:45  Not Rx
Brian t8:34  Not Rx
Laura N9:28  Not Rx
June9:40  Not Rx
Jeannie12:27  Not Rx
Kisha10:33  Not Rx
Adrianna10:29  Not Rx
Shawna9:57  Not Rx
Dawn10:17  Not Rx
Sydney9:10  Not Rx
Cheryl10:02  Not Rx
Blake W8:13 
Desirae9:03  Not Rx
John8:55  Not Rx
James Cad9:27  Not Rx
Zander8:18  Not Rx
Kyle Z8:01  Not Rx
Robin10:01  Not Rx
Joan9:25  Not Rx
James Car9:17  Not Rx
Katelyn9:17  Not Rx
Lucas7:59  Not Rx
LAUREN G10:20  Not Rx
Jennifer C8:55  Not Rx
Lauren R9:15  125
Kayla8:57  Not Rx
Juan8:38  Not Rx
David S8:49  Not Rx
ray9:37  Not Rx
Wendy R9:50  Not Rx
Cade8:58  Row
Results Posted: 47