Most Recent Benchmark WOD was Snatch Max on Feb 14,2018 (10 days ago)

Monday Feb 12,2018

Happy Birthday CJ
Welcome Trent & Lily & Justin & Kaylon & Brent

These things go all the way up

---7 minute ascending ladder of  
---(rep scheme: 2, 4, 6, 8…)
----Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
----Handstand Push ups

---7 minutes Rest

---7 minute ascending ladder of  
---(rep scheme: 2, 4, 6, 8…)
----Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
----Chest To Bar Pull ups

0% 0%
1st139 Katelyn Mon,Feb 12,2018
2nd135 Nikki Mi Mon,Feb 12,2018
3rd232Jennifer C Mon,Feb 12,2018
1st157 Zach Mon,Feb 12,2018
2nd134 Donald Mon,Feb 12,2018
3rd128 Brendan Mon,Feb 12,2018

RaeDel142  Not Rx
Damon110  Pullups
Eileen180  Not Rx
Brandi F121  Not Rx
Jeff St98  Not Rx
Shawna154  Not Rx
Toni191  Not Rx
Stephanie C230  Not Rx
Michael T122  Not Rx
Lauren R99  2 abmats for HSPUs - banded chest to bars
Pedro152  Not Rx
Brent171  Not Rx
Nikki H109  Not Rx
Kellie130  Not Rx
Linda134  Not Rx
Tara118  Not Rx
Katelyn139 Rx 65#
Brendan128 Rx
Maricela112  Not Rx
Jeannie154  Not Rx
JoLynne102  Not Rx
Scott w92  Not Rx
Alexander114  Not Rx
Desirae154  95#, 7 HSPU on 25# plate, jumping C2B
Zach157 Rx
Pebbles202  Not Rx
James Cad120 Rx Masters 95#
Kris105 Rx
Shelby139  Not Rx
Stephanie L152  35#
John125 Rx Masters 95#
Kisha182  45#
Jennifer C232  Not Rx
Juan144  Not Rx
Kalynn221  Not Rx
Lily194  Not Rx
Cade203  Not Rx
Aaron177  Not Rx
Sean149  Not Rx
Donald134 Rx
Nikki Mi135 Rx
Trent88 Rx
Justin106  Not Rx
Kaylon110  Not Rx
Results Posted: 44
Jennifer S 5:44pm
Still coughing ...😷
Lucas 5:52pm
dang Jenifer get better!!

Desirae 7:32pm
Happy birthday CJ!